The Serenity. capsule collection.

The latest release from nowa.
The Serenity. capsule collection.

A new era at nowa.

Nowa’s capsule collection ‘Serenity.’ portrays the shift in our every day lives in a COVID gripped world. Business is done in our place of leisure, therefore a stylistic move from athleisure to business-leisure embodies the evolution of the sweatsuit. 
Our sweatsuits are a new staple at nowa that we will be evolving as the brand develops and the nowa story continues.
We took a Sunday to re-decorate our store into a photography studio and bring the theme to life. Our set was decorated with succulents and plants placed around our very modern couch designed by local Adelaide artist and bespoke furniture maker Stoops to create our iteration of the futuristic living room. Photographer Nick Astanei, a friend of nowa, worked closely with the models to really bring out this calm and relaxing vibe.
We focused on taking modern silhouettes but adding a new feature, such as sweatpants cut in a suit shape, to present completely new set-pieces. Our pullovers are slightly cropped at the waist, yet dropped at the shoulder to give the waist visibility and create a relaxed yet preppy look. Pastel colours are king this AW20 season, in candy floss pinks, lemons, and cyan. In quality custom knitted textile, the ‘Serenity.’ capsule collection takes comfort at a new level, so you can slip in to your luxe sweatsuit, and enter a state of serenity.
Following these items will be a few more styles to complete the collection, so get keen!
The capsule is available in-store and online now.
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