Blog: The Age of Exploration Collection

Blog: The Age of Exploration Collection

Nowa The Label’s long awaited collection focuses on capturing the essence of Nowa’s future as a fashion label. ‘The Age of Exploration’ represents a deeper dive into what signifies Nowa's love for fashion with focus on harmonising different classes of dress.

Guided by the relationship clothing has with the human body and clothing, Nowa builds off of those foundational rules of form, and re-design elements to bring forward something new. 

Everything around us is constantly evolving. After all we are natural explorers, tirelessly creating and innovating. The possibilities of what the human race can achieve are endless. Nowa believes it shouldn't end there. Everyday stepping out into society is an exploration in itself and what we wear says a lot about us. This collection aims to embody this ‘age of exploration’ we find ourselves in.

Exploring the concepts of DNA and energy creates something entirely new whether it existed before, or not. The colliding elements of human DNA and that of electricity create something that is out of this world, and at the core of existence. These two elements are at the heartbeat of man-made life, and artificial life. This idea has influenced this collection and inspired the concepts behind exploration.








With increased focus on practicality and versatility, Nowa introduces new design elements such as cargo over-shirts with a transferable pocket interchangeable with matching cargo pants. For designer Stuart Knowles this collection embodies Nowa’s ideology of a ‘youthful elegance, a mix of old and new, pulling these opposing forces together.’ Harmonising different classes of dress.


The 'Age Of Exploration' is a stage that everyone goes through in their life multiple times. It pushes us into an unknown realm of excitement, and or fear. 

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