Explorer's Point of View - New nowa Tote Bag

Discover the inspiration and development behind the latest nowa tote bag and the 'Explorer's point of view'.
Explorer's Point of View - New nowa Tote Bag

Going into this design, we had to develop the concept of what a tote bag really is and what it represents. The design process began looking at previous designs and combining that with the idea of looking at the world in the eyes of an explorer. Whether it be us or you, we are always searching.

Antique globe, Origin unknown

Technology, essential tools of the modern era. Stamping a compass, something so iconic from another era onto a staple accessory from the modern era meant harmonising past, present and future. Not only did the design bring these three concepts together, it put them in the hands of the user. Giving endless sources of inspiration to explore into someones hands is a powerful concept.
nowa is an Arabic name that means to give light, which made this concept fit quite naturally into our world.

Design development stages.

Our previous large size is now the medium. The new large size has the capacity to fit multiple A3 books. Utility and usability are at the foundation of the design. The mid weight cotton twill gives the bag a soft yet sturdy finish. It comes in 2 colours, both of which will feature in later nowa releases for A/W2020.

We played with the idea of an explorer, but wanted to keep the idea as subjective to the user as possible. This year we will be exploring deeper into the nowa story to really create something new and unique, and this tote bag is our essential tool for doing just that.

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